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Lil' Leo

Two-year-old Leo is not your average house cat. One day he notices his young neighbor Tatsuru on his way to elementary school and he then decides to follow him and enroll himself! After receiving his own backpack and school supplies, young Leo realizes that anything Tatsuru can do, he can do as well! Leo can go to school! Leo can find a part-time job, become a mangaka or even be actor! Eventually Leo's life is full of wonderful memories, but it could have taken a very different turn if not for those who love him.

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About the Author

Moto Hagio (1949-) was born in Fukuoka, Japan and is widely considered as one of the pioneers of modern shojo manga (girls manga). One of the most beloved Japanese comic artists of all time, and has penned dozens of works over a wide range of genres throughout her nearly fifty year-long career. Easily one of the most critically recognized comic artists over the last few decades having won a number of awards, Hagio's works challenge concepts of gender and humanity. In the realm of science-fiction is a three-time winner of the Seiun Award, the Japanese equivalent of the Hugo Award. In 2006 she took the Japan SF Grand Prize for her fantasy title OTHERWORLD BARABARA (Fantagraphics). And in 2022 she was recognized by San Diego Comic Con International as she was admitted into the Eisner Award Hall of Fame. A national treasure in Japan, in 2019 Hagio was recognized as A Person of Cultural Merit by the Japanese government.

Page Count
194 pages
Release Date
Ajani Oloye
Nicole Dochych